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1. Trademark :

The owner of trademark should register its trademark in order to prevent third parties from using his mark.

Fee (Not include searching fee)
Hong Kong HK$4,500
China HK$5,500
Taiwan HK$7,800
United Kingdom US$1,540
U.S.A. US$2,050
Validity : valid for 10 years from the date of registration Renewal : renew for successive periods of 10 years

Information required for filing an application:

a. name of the applicant
b. address of the applicant
c. nationality or country of incorporation of the applicant
d. trade or business of the applicant
e. presentation/copy of the trademark
f.  desired class of registration or details of goods or services within those classes which are traded  

2. Value-added service – Trade mark design :

We have a team of experienced and professional designers. They have rich experience in designing the logo for various business field.

3. Application for Liquor/food licensing :

Not only apply for liquor /food licensing, our company also provide one-stop services. Such as:
- Advice whether the premises is valid for application
- Provide design and decoration service for the shop/restaurant
- Business field including: various of restaurants, motel etc.

4. Registration of Societies :



set up HK Ltd Co
Accounting Services
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